Starting Word Sounds, Letter and Number Recognition

Starting Word Sounds, Letter and Number Recognition

Have you ever wondered why preschool teachers, school teachers and day care educators use puzzles as a play and educational materials?

One of their most important jobs is to find classroom toys and materials that will support learning and inspire play. Puzzles are in every preschool classroom, and the toddler room is no exception. Yes, toddlers can make a mess of puzzles, but when you see that as a learning opportunity and not a nuisance, your whole outlook will change.  You can use puzzles for free choice, after snack as a calm activity for fast eaters. Puzzles help to develop some skills, such as recognizing patterns, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and more.

There is more than meets the eye with Apple and Pear Interactive and Educational Flashcards. They are thus far the best designed flashcards, that would definitely capture your toddler's attention with their captivating colours and animal themes. They are also a great interactive way to introduce your toddler to recognise and play with letters and numbers and to also discover some rainforest and safari animals. Once they're ready to hold a pen and start tracing, simply flip the card over and direct your child to use the marker provided to trace the letters and numbers in the designated space. With the number flashcards, you can also teach your toddler to spot and count the animals on both sides of the cards.

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