Colour and Shape Recognition

Colour and Shape Recognition

Learning about shapes helps children identify and organise the world around them visually, as well as being precursors for future learning.

Colour recognition is a key cognitive developmental step for toddlers, as it plays an important role in object recognition and is a vital part in helping children to develop their descriptive language skills, which in turn encourages clear communication and understanding.

Apple and Pear Flashcards help your toddler to learn to sort and categorise, which are essential skills for problem-solving. Learn letters and numbers, because those are made of shapes. The concept of these flashcards are to develop your toddler's ability to recognise letters and numbers, and to use their analytical skills and their distinctions to organise visual information by an object shape. Use the colourful designs of these flashcards to expose your children and teach them about the colours which will help develop their visual perception.

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